September 08, 2009

another mommy view. 35 weeks.

sooo, i was feeling particularly large today and decided to snap a few pictures from my point of view.

35 weeks and 2 days.

most days i feel really good about my body, although i still get kinda weirded out when random people notice my bump. I don't really know why i feel like i don't look as pregnant as i am ::cough cough:: the above picture is proof enough of my largeness.

i did find it semi amusing that mr. maddox felt the need to be included in my bump photo shoot. everywhere that i would attempt the take a picture he would plop his butt down right at my feet. let me add that it is particularly hard to find a place in my home to take a picture where my pasty white skin does not blend in with our completely unrealistically beige, 'lowes special' carpet.