September 23, 2009

37 weeks - full frickin' term.

How far along? 37 weeks!
Total weight gain/loss: its fluctuates. but at my last appointment i was up to 18 pounds since pre-pregnancy.
Maternity clothes? yes, but my non maternity shirts are becoming far too short, boo. i hate hate hate the frumpy maternity look.
Stretch marks? lets not talk about those.
Sleep: if you consider sleep, waking up 4 times a night to pee, then yes.
Best moment this week: FULL TERM and all that jazz.
Movement: slowing, but my stomach is currently going in every direction possible these days.
Food cravings: saltine crackers.
Gender: GIRL.
Labor Signs: none, braxton hicks are more frequent for realz.
Belly Button in or out? in, but definitely getting less shallow, i doubt it will ever be a full fledged outie.
What I am looking forward to: having an [outside] baby.
Milestones: again, this would be being full term.

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  1. Woot!! She will be here before you know it... and I'm anxious to know what her name is!!!