September 26, 2009

maternity pictures - budget style.

most of you ladies who have had professional maternity [or any general type] of pictures done, know that the best doesn't come cheap. and we all know that i am the queen of cheap, however we were not blessed with any close friends who aspire to be photographers anytime soon so we took matters into our own hands.

these are the results from the use of our handy canon digital camera, a random tree patch on the campus of the university of north carolina - charlotte, a super cute husband, a balloon belly, a brother-in-law and googles picasa 3 editing software. enjoy.

side note, i definitely look a lot bigger than i feel. i guess that's a good thing. hold strong 18 pounds, hold strong.

thanks [soon to be uncle] ryan :)


  1. your pictures came out really cute congrats to you guys :)

    How did you get your baby widget to work? Lol I tried to put the same one on my blog but when I put in my due date the baby just disappeared and was an empty black rectangle.

  2. eeek, im not sure about the widget. i just put in the due date and when it gave me the html code i pasted it. im sorry you are having trouble. may be an issue with the widget itself.

  3. Great pictures. Your BIL takes wonderful pictures.