September 24, 2009

nursery.... tada.

above her nursery door in the hallway. cj ♥ 's it.

our carpet looks so good when i actually vacuum it :)

changing table / dresser (used, again because i am cheap) / swatch portraits.

shes gonna be a diva, just like her mom. home girl has got more clothes than me, but on the other hand, i don't spit up on mine either.

this chair cost me five WHOLE dollars at a consignment store... and it rocks, literally. i'm sure it will not take us long to fill those three white frames on the wall with smooshy face baby pictures. i am also sad that i cannot show you the rest of that white nine cube storage thingie to the right of the picture, because her "secret" name is displayed on the top. soon enough people. simmer.

total yard sale find for $2. also, is it me or does this elephant not have the longest legs in the world?

the end.

did anyone else find it extremely hard to get good shots of your nursery?!? her room is small, but the pictures make it look itsy bitsy.


  1. I find it impossible to take good room pictures. Our nursery isn't even that small but it looks super small in photos. Argh.

  2. Very sweet! Loving the butterflies and the pink corner.

  3. nursery looks great! yall did a wonderful job of making it very original and just perfect.

  4. I love your nursery! Very classy and clean. I don't think the room looks small at all. Looks like there is lots of floor space for her to play. :-)

  5. Looks great hun. You did a fabulous job. Hints of girly that make it very sophisticated. I like it.