September 20, 2009

waves my [full term] flag proud.

today marks my 37th week of pregnancy. WOW. just wow.

this means that if miss V were to decide to grace us with her presence tonight, there would be little medical intervention to stop it. freaks me [and cj] out, just a smidge.

we have the nursery, we have the car seat and we have the cute clothes... all we need is her. however, the idea of a real live baby fitting into the aforementioned is a totally foreign concept to cj and i.

i was packing V's hospital bag last night when cj said "don't you think it is funny that we have to drive 30 minutes to go physically "get" V and bring her home, when she is technically with us right now?" he does have a valid point, but i have no intentions of being a home birthing mom, i just steam cleaned my carpets for christ's sake.


  1. That literally made me laugh! Congratulations on 37 weeks, it's such a journey getting there. Here's hoping the next few weeks fly by for you. By the time I hit 37 weeks I was so uncomfortable and in an out of labor and Delivery twice, that I moved my c-section up a week! :) Good luck.

  2. Ha-Ha! Congrats on reaching 37 weeks! That's awesome, and she will be here before you know it!

  3. That is so exciting!! She will be here pretty soon.