September 16, 2009

[man] diaper bag.

cj told me that he would not be carrying my diaper bag that i ordered from because it was too girly for him. so that started the great man diaper bag hunt of 2009. he is not one to carry a sports team themed bag or anything even remotely close to that. ill have to admit, we are a semi-vain couple, not because we choose to be, but we just have always cared about how we looked on the outside, and people love to make assumptions. fine with us. anyways, i scoured the interwebs for what seemed like forever, and finally found one that i loved on Etsy. the seller's name is chickentattoo and they did an awesome job from start to finish.

it is a messenger style bag, just what he wanted. i got to select two different types of fabric [one on the inside, and another for the outside] from their large inventory. i was surprised at all the fabric that they had readily available. i actually had a hard time picking and let cj pick, and to my surprise he picked camo as the interior fabric. weird, because this boy does not own ONE single item with camo on it. anyways, i sent them a quick email with my requests and they started on it the next day. five days later it was sitting on my door step [well, not literally because i had it shipped to our post office box, but door step sounded better. ha]. they left out the matching changing pad that was supposed to be with it, but they shipped it immediately after i informed them that it was missing. no biggie.

i gave it to him at our last baby shower, stuffed full of baby goodness.

i would highly suggest getting two diaper bags if you have not toyed with the idea. it seems so much more practical in my opinion.

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  1. Cute diaper bag!! And I definitely need two diaper bags!