October 11, 2009

eviction notice to our daughter.

v -

this is your mom here. today is your estimated due date, and i'm pretty sure you are planning on being fashionably late [just like your mom] seeing as that it is sunday evening and there is still no sign of you. your dad cannot wait for you to get here for many reasons, but mostly so he can have a week off of work. ha. i'm sure he thinks that week is going to be like a vacation, but i am sure that we will have our hands full [and overflowing] for the first week and beyond.

you have been baking inside of me for 40 weeks and it would be nice of you to come out and let everyone ooooooooo and ahhhhhhh over you, including me. your mom and dad are more than tired of people asking if you are here yet. obviously you are not, because if you were, your dad would have texted or called every.single.contact in his blackberry address book. he has a mild addiction to his phone, which you will learn about later.

you have no idea now, but there are very few people who actually know what your name is going to be, and it is killing them. i am sure we will have many mixed reactions to your name, but just for the record, your father and i decided on your first name at least five years ago. however, not very many people actually thought that we would ever name you this name. you really won't have to worry about your name becoming common or overused, and that's why we love it so much. we only hope you love it as much as we do, but i know you will because it is FABULOUS!

if you would be so kind as to not make your mother wait another two weeks to meet you, i will have your dad buy you a pony. i promise.

your officially overdue mom.


  1. ok....this is not even gonna work!!!!! like you said she is so much like her mom!!!!!!she will grace you with your presence when she's readt, but is she here yet????

  2. I know her name! I know her name! :-) I love it, too.

  3. lol.that's so cute! Miss V needs to come out already..cause I wanna know her name..lol. Our little girl has a super long name...and we get looks when we tell them..but I could care less!

  4. Hope she makes her big debut soon! I can't wait to know her name either! :)

  5. I'm thinking Vada?

    I can't wait to see if I'm right... or waaaay off.

    I hope she comes soon!

  6. Come on V!!! We all want to see you... and I NEED to know your name ;)

  7. Well, I have ruled out that you would do a name-name, bc that just doesn't seem like something you would do, so Vivian and Victoria are out... so this is when I throw out every V word that sounds kinda namish... Venus, Virtue, Violet, Vegas, Venice, Virginia, Victory, Vision, Vega... I don't know, I'm excited to hear though!

    Hurry up little girl!