November 24, 2009

my [blackberry] will absolutely be the death of me.

we all know how pristine camera phone pictures are, but its like having vegas on demand 24/7 so i'll whip my phone out and show perfect strangers, i'm not shy. poor girl has more mobile uploads on our computer than anything. proof below.

her first picture was on my phone for christ's sake.

10.21.09 - on the way home from the hospital.



11.6.09 - lovin' her boppy, yo.

11.15.09 - in her sweet ass cow leg warmers.

11.18.09 - blowing raspberries in the moby and looking just like daddy.

11.24.09 - tonight, right after i cut off her hand.


  1. So cute...I love that you have the ability to snap photos of her at anytime with your phone! :)

  2. So cute! In that pic with the cow pants, her legs look so long!!

  3. I gave you an award in my blog! Check it out!