November 16, 2009

a note to my munchkin.

dear vegas,

how can it be that you are 33 days old already?!? people comment on how much of a gorgeous baby you are, and i may be biased, but i believe every last one of them. you definitely have your momma's nose and mouth and on certain days your daddy's eyes. i just want to throw this out to the universe [and so you have documented proof] that just because we live in the south, and you are absolutely frickin' gorgeous, does not mean that your momma will subject you to the baby pageant circuit, no matter how many stacked haired, vera bradley wearing southern belles try to convince me otherwise.

like most every new mom says, i am slowly forgetting what my life without you was like. you melt my heart more and more everyday, and i cannot believe i have lived without you for over twenty four years. you are a bit challenging at times, i will admit, however; i don't know a baby that is not, and the mothers that say they have a perfect baby must be living in some fantasy world that i have yet to discover. you are such a snuggle bunny and your dad and i love that. just today you smiled a real smile twice at your daddy. not a gassy smile, a real one that had him on cloud nine.

here are some milestones/memories that i don't want to forget during your first month:
1. you hold your head up like a champ. you have done this since day one.

2. you make your legs lock up in a standing position when i try to stand you up. i have never seen a newborn do this. sloooooow down girl.

3. you actually "see" me and your dad and you turn your head [most times] when you hear our voices.

4. you [just today] smiled when your daddy was singing a crazy song to you.

5. you love to be swaddled, however we keep that for bedtime only.

6. you love to ride in the car. it puts you to sleep instantly.

7. you have gas 10x worse than your dad on some days. ::barfs::

8. mommy got you spoiled with warm bottles, and you don't prefer them any other way now.

9. you HATE, hate, HATE to be naked.

10. you are still nursing and on the bottle, and mommy loves that she gets that special time with you as well as you with your daddy.

11. you are just now fitting [securely] in most of your newborn clothes.

12. at your last pediatrician visit you weighed 7 pounds 12 ounces.

i swear if you get any cuter, i am bound to implode. i cannot tell a lie.


  1. She is SO cute and SO tiny! I didn't realize that she was so small! So sweet! :)

  2. Yay for lots of Vegas pictures!! She's so perfect and beautiful! Yay for no creepy baby pageants!! While she would totally win them all, ya'll cannot turn into a "Toddlers & Tiaras" family (although I'm addicted to that show, and sickened by it at the same time!) :-)

  3. She's beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

    And reading this makes me smile a hopeful grin. For when my day gets to come! =D