December 03, 2009

christmas cards.

every year, CJ and i always make personalized christmas cards. it doesn't take much thought, and the price is actually cheaper than buying those cheese ball [happy holidays, may your days be merry and bright] cards that you honestly don't read anyways when they come in the mail. if you are like us, you check the signature at the bottom, and move on. i am not saying i don't enjoy receiving them, because i do, but i am much more likely to display your cute card if you took the time to make kodak moments of yourself, animals and sweet babes dressed in ridiculous outfits on my .99 cent hanging christmas card holder, that up until this year has been fully functional until one of the card holder rings fell off. boo. because i am cheap of the economy, i will hold off until next year to purchase a new one.

i usually create my cards on, and this year was no different, they have like 6783468 templates to choose from. i picked a template, added pictures, had them delivered to walmart [because i am classy like that] and picked them up all in less than 24 hours. i got 40 card and envelopes for $15, thats a deal if i ever saw one.

because i cannot actually link the card template, i will enlighten you with the pictures we used.

[xoxo] - cj, crystal, vegas and maddox.


  1. Those are definitely great shots. And your right, personalized cards tend to have a better shelf life than store bought ones (Even as sweet as they are) =)

    I will have to do the photocard thing next year for sure.

  2. Those are really great shots, I love getting those type of cards much better than store bought ones.

  3. Oh don't worry I'm even classier than you... I had my Christmas cards MADE by Walmart :) Love the pic of Vegas with the lights!