December 04, 2009

since i have been a mom for a whole six and a half weeks.

i think it qualifies me to give you a list of my personal mommy must haves. i always enjoyed reading these while vegas was snug in the ute, so enjoy... or not, the choice is yours.

SwaddleMe by Kiddopotamus.

we received three of these from various showers, and from day one vegas has loved to be swaddled at bedtime. i love these because they have a velcro closure and she cannot wiggle out of them like a regular blanket.

Boppy Pillow.

i actually have two of these, one for upstairs and one for the lower level. not only is it great for breastfeeding, its also a great babysitter. vegas loves to be elevated so she can be a nosey nelly, so these are perfect for her.

Munchkin Formula Dispenser - Target.

this makes traveling so much easier. i bought a cheapie dispenser at walmart that was total crap [hard to open, didn't turn right] so i graduated it to CJs diaper bag, since i use mine WAY more than he uses his. if i had one suggestion for this product it would be to have a bigger size.... sometimes three compartments just doesn't cut it.

Mylicon - Gas Drops.

[saved our life] and our ability to smell. homegirl has gas worse than any adult i've ever met sometimes.

Dr. Brown Bottles - the wide ones.

i did my share of research before i purchased these, i had it neck and neck with the Advent, but ultimately picked these. they are somewhat time consuming to clean because there are 7 pieces per bottle if you include the storage disk and the cap. vegas took to these right away. she isn't a paci baby, so it doesn't concern me that she sucks on these even when all of the formula is gone. they help reduce fussiness and gas from sucking in air during a feeding, hence the fact they have so many pieces.

Carter's Receiving Blankets.

I received my fair share of receiving blankets through the course of my pregnancy [22 to be exact]. my absolute favorite are the carters brand. they are much longer than the traditional blanket, and seem to be a better quality. i never thought i would need all of those 22 blankets, but having them strewn about the house in various places makes it that much easier.

SummerInfant Bath Seat -  Walmart.

i knew i didn't want a huge baby bath tub.... #1 the are bulky, # i didn't want to have to clear out a huge space to store it, #3 big baby baths are completely unnecessary, if you have a bathtub and a hand, its really all you need. I had no intentions of even getting a bath seat until i saw this one at walmart, what really sold me was the fact that it folds completely in half and i can store it under our bathroom sink. best part, it was $15.

i hope that all this dang typing helps someone out there in the interwebs, if not, i'm sure my WPM has increased by 10, at least.


  1. Just so you know this post helped someone... I totally went out the day you posted this & bought the bath seat from Walmart. We have a tub with a newborn sling in it that we've been using for the past 4 months, but now that G is too big for the sling the actual tub SUCKS & is so uncomfortable for her! This was exactly what we needed to replace it :)

  2. yey! we love ours, and so do our guests. they dont have to look at a ginormous baby tub when they use the spare bathroom :)