December 16, 2009

i'm a TAM?!?

two of my friends Audrey and Heidi tagged me as a [Truly Authentic Mom] - they both must have been ridiculously delusional when they picked me, but i will play along because i love them. so i am to list 5 things that I think make me one.

[1] - i am completely opposite of the way i "saw" myself being after vegas was born. i had it in my head that i was just going to let any ol person hold or even watch her for that matter. um, yeah, so not true. i am the hand sanitizer queen among other things, and though i tend to piss off more people than not, my baby, my rules.

[2] - we take vegas almost everywhere we go. we have done this since she was four days old. homegirl had her first target trip before she met her pediatrician. i had no intentions of hoarding her up for three months like all of the baby books suggest. i'm no homebody, and neither is she. i hope all of this exposure will pay off in the long run when we are out in public and she acts like a respectable child - if not she will be disciplined [i'll have DSS on speed dial for those who feel inclined to threaten me with it].

[3] - i want to give a shout out [wow, that was so 1999 of me] to CJ. he has been absolutely amazing. i knew he would be, but i was a little nervous at first seeing as that he has never been around an infant until now. he's stepped up 189%. it melts my heart into a puddle when i see some of the little moments they have together already. i can only imagine how many more the three of us will share in the future. i most certainly could not be a TAM without him being a truly authentic DAD!

[4] - i don't listen to kid friendly music when we are in the car... or ever for that matter. i'm pretty sure she already knows the lyrics to lady gaga's - bad romance, i want your ugly, i want your disease, i want your everything as long as it's free, i want your loooove, love-love-love i want your love. :)

[5] - her name is vegas... authentic enough? i also love that people feel the need to ask why we named her that. why did your mom name you your name? because she liked it? because its your great grandmothers, aunts, sisters neighbors name? she drew it out of a hat? it was [trendy] at the time? we named her vegas, because we liked it. the end.

now on to tag a couple mommies and fellow bloggers who I love and can't wait to read their responses! hmmm...

miss priss -
karlybarly - vegas' birthday twin.


  1. She is SO cute! I love all the photos that you've added, and I love that she went to Target so soon after birth! :)

  2. Okay, while reading through this whole post, I was 1) nodding along and thinking how freakishly similar we are as moms (and in pretty much every other way, lol) and 2) singing Bad Romance because I JUST heard it in the car before I walked in here.

    love you! Thanks for the tag! :)

  3. Also, Vegas is too gorgeous. I keep thinking she can't get any cuter, then you post a new picture and I'm like, okayyyyy... defying the laws of cute babies.

  4. You were also tagged by me at Feels Like Home last week! So, you really must be a TAM! -

  5. morgan - again, i wonder what it would be like if we lived close enough to be IRL friends. but, me on the east coast and you on the west coast [west siiiiiieeeeddde, sorry.] i'm not sure that will ever be possible. for now i can live vicariously through your motherhood journey, while anxiously awaiting vegas to reach those milestones. :)

    i just want to kiss those maddie cheeks!

  6. Dude, you are too sweet! It brought a tiny tear to my eye. I also think we are so similar. Maybe you need to move to the west coast? Mrs. Priss and I will take care of you! ;)

  7. you are awesome! & so is your cutie daughter =)