December 23, 2009

[two] months.

i'm going to try to keep this short and sweet [just like my vegas].

we had her two month appointment on tuesday where dr. nadra proceeded to stab my baby with needles! before that said event CJ told me that i "needed to be brave and not cry." well, i was surprisingly ok, however, i did not have to hold her down, that was his job, and that lip of hers started quivering, and CJ said he almost lost it. the wailing didn't last long, but i consider that a notch in my team mom belt. go me!

two month milestones that i don't want to forget:

- 10 pounds even / 22.5 inches.

- you are still like clockwork when it comes to eating... every 2 - 3 hours or you are a fussy mess. with the exception of nightime. you are becoming a champion sleeper. ::crosses fingers in attempt to not jinx that::

- finally growing out (length wise) of all of your newborn clothes.

- you are starting to look more like your dad by the day! one thing we cannot deny that you got from me was that nose of yours. runs in my family for sure. [see exhibit 1 at end.]

- you detest tummy time. i guess i should enforce it more, but i'm a softie sometimes.

- bath time is fun now, for BOTH of us. remember this?!?

- you had your first thanksgiving. only formula for you though, i know. boringsville.

- you love to be in your car seat. you instantly fall asleep when we get in the car.

-  you still sleep in your pack n' play in our bedroom still, but the transition to the crib begins after christmas.

- you smile SO MUCH, and we almost got a real laugh out of you the other day. we are almost there!

- you are starting to develop chub on those thighs of yours. so.damn.cute.

well, i guess me keeping it short didn't work out so well. here are some pictures to top it off.

giving her followers the side eye because mommy is blogging during feeding time.

exhibit 1.


  1. She has such a perfect little round head!

  2. Yep definitely your nose! She looks adorable in her lime green bow... easy peasy to buy ribbon & tie it on their cute lil heads right!