December 08, 2009

it's a sickness.

my new found love for baby gap. i mean, i used to [like] it, but $25 for a pair of baby "skinny" jeans isn't justifiable in my opinion, but put a little employee discount on them and $12.50 is much more manageable for cheap little crystal.

i've already picked up this little number for our family christmas dinner that we are hosting this saturday, must be a popular little dress, because they are currently sold out online.

mommy vegas has a wish list 10 miles long. these are just a few of my her favs.

on an end note, is it just me or are a pair of skinny jeans infant size 0-3 just plain creepy? i mean, am i supposed to go buy her a pair of knee boots to go with this winters trend? this [mom] thing is hard, dang.

dreaming of all of the things she will eventually con her father into buying her.


  1. SO SO SO gorgeous (all of you!). Want to send our card to you (and a gift for Ms. V that didn't make it earlier). Shoot me an email and I'll get it in the mail to you!

    Glad you are all healthy and happy!

    Lindsey Beam

  2. I am not sure how I feel about the baby skinny jeans yet. Maybe Vegas will have to model them first...
    Now you have to buy them!

  3. you should have let me known about Baby Gap. I was at the best outlets in the southeast over thanksgiving. Had the best sales I have ever seen!!! dawn

  4. many awesome outfits! It's SO difficult, especially when you've got a girl! :)

  5. Do you really work there?! I think I NEED a job there because spending $50 a week at babygap is going to start really getting on DH's nerves. We are too alike... did I mention that Gigi has that same dress for Christmas... as well as those silver shoes & the sweater dress (in white) :)

  6. it's a seasonal job, just until i can find a "real" one. haha. you also get 50% off at banana republic and 25% off at old navy. sweetness.