December 05, 2009

[diy] moby wrap.

as we have established in earlier posts, we all know i'm pretty cheap. when i decided that i had to have a moby wrap i simply could not get over the nearly $40 price tag for a piece of fabric. i consulted my great friend miss google, and she had no problem letting me in on how to make one myself. i was so impressed with my mad scissor skills [seriously, that's all i used] i just had to share.

1. locate the jersey knit fabric of your choice and purchase 5 to 6 yards, depending on how fluffy your girlish figure may be [i would probably wait until you had an outside baby, for all of you pregnant ladies reading this] i'm no super model and 5 yards suits me well. i happened to find said fabric on sale at one of the only walmarts that still sells fabric for $1.50 a yard. i'm cheap. duh.

2. fold fabric in half length wise, grab your trusty laser level and a sharp pair of scissors and cut the fabric in three even strips. you are going to yield 3 wraps that are 5 to 6 feet long and about 20 inches wide from one HUGE piece of fabric because of the way you have to cut it. hello... its Christmas, a time for giving.

3. log on to to find all of the different ways to attach your baby to you.

4. practice with any available child or small animal, rinse and repeat.

5. you are done.

i told you it was easy. i only wish that i would have taken pictures of the whole process, however; i did snap this just to prove that it does work just as awesomely [is that even a word?] as the $40 rip off version.

please excuse the attention whore dalmatian and the old sunday newspaper, i'm a new mom, not a maid.


  1. Sounds super easy! Vegas seems to like it too.

  2. Ooooh, look at Vegas, all snug as a bug.

    Going to have to bookmark this one, so I can use whenever my time comes along =D

  3. Genius! I have to say I have been following your blog for quite some time now. 1. I wanted a dalmatian growing up and love the pics you include of said dog. What is the dalmatian's name? I always wanted to name mine Spot. Yes, I am an original and not a crowd follower at all. So cute! 2. My baby is now one and I wish I had a moby when he was small 3. I will now tell my husband that when baby number 2 comes along I can save the cost of the moby wrap because you are genius. Thank you.

  4. So cool that you made it yourself...I think that I'm going to have to make myself one! This is so cool. I had thought about buying the Moby wrap, but I didn't want to spend the money, so thanks! :)

  5. Expecting my first child - a baby boy in March:) I'll have to try this! Love your blog by the way! Please stop by my baby blog!

  6. Jenifer - his name is Maddox, and he is a dang handful. i never expected them to be so high strung, but he's super presh most of the time.

  7. Do you purposely copy The Heir To Blair blog, or is it merely a coincidence? Whenever I read your blog, I think to myself "Where have I heard that before? OH RIGHT!! Blair!!"

    From the great wall of nipples, to the mommy must haves, it's pretty daggone similar. And not just "We shared the same experience similar." Similar like I can't think for myself so I steal from someone that is funny and pretend I thought of it first.

  8. why hello, so nice to "meet" you and your inability to own up to your snarky blog comment by being anonymous. its so nice that you have time to compare notes between two different blogs.

    just to clear up any confusion you may be having, i have no post concerning a wall of nipples [that was blair], and i'm sure blair did not coin the only [mommy must have list] i actually got that off of a different blog, as hard as that is for you to believe.

    i'll pray that god heals your soul this christmas season.

  9. Did someone SERIOUSLY say that?!?!?! I thought for a moment that I was reading a joke. You should have seen my facial expression when I realized it wasn't. WOW. JUST WOW.

    Anyway...I am CERTAINLY not a creative person...are you SURE this is as easy as you say? I'm might just have to try it. I have sooo longed for a good wrap!


  10. makia - i promise... it was as easy as can be.