January 27, 2010

day [27] - she's an obama babe.

so, capitol hill thinks my child is a big deal apparently.

today vegas got a letter from 1600 pennsylvania ave. for those of you that may want a refresher on history, that's the white house. it was from my boyfriend barack and i was pretty bummed that it wasn't a letter from him professing his love for me and saying my name in his sexy president voice... that's another story, but basically it was a letter welcoming her to the world.

"Welcome to the world! Your arrival is a cause for great celebration for your proud family. We wish you a long and happy life filled with chances to learn, ideas to explore, people to love and dreams to fulfill."

Barack and Michelle Obama.

and for today's picture...

why hello mr. booger, so nice to see you.


  1. That is awesome. How does one go about getting a welcome to the world card from the president?!

  2. I sent our request out ages ago. Im still waiting. I want my Obama letter too. :)

  3. Love your blog. I'll be back for sure. Our blogs are semi-similar; I'd love your feedback about mine, if you have a sec!
    www.TodaysCliche.com. Thanks!!