January 28, 2010

my precious tivo has suffered the brunt of my school work load.

Oh how i miss thy blessed tv shows. i am pretty sure that i have not watched anything other than the five o'clock news since monday. le sigh.

in between school from 8am to noon monday thru thursday, working part time on random days, playing with with my sweet v, cooking dinner, doing wife things, laundry, showers, diapers, a shit ton of homework, and just being plain ol' tired my tivo is currently at 62% capacity. that's a lot of shows ya'll.

i knew going back to school was going to be an adjustment, but dang.... i miss my beloved real world , the season finale of jersey shore [fist pumpin' like a mofo], american idol, toddlers and tiaras [creeptastic, but i cannot tear my eyes away] and many many more. hopefully we will get some much needed TLC with each other over the weekend, because its supposed to "snow" here, better get your milk and bread while you can people! <-- a total southern thing that i will never understand.

after reading the aforementioned verbiage i realize that i may have never blogged about what i am going [back] to school for. phlebotomy. i know, run to google, because very few people actually know what that is. here is what dictionary.com says it is...

"–noun, plural -mies. Medicine/Medical. the act or practice of opening a vein for letting blood as a therapeutic measure; venesection; bleeding."

i'll basically be the person most people dread the most when going to the doctor or hospital. i'm going to be the lady with the needles! yay! you know the one you hate that makes you sit on a chair with your arm and hand palm up, ties the rubber death contraption at the top of your arm to look for those big juicy veins, then just when you least expect it. BAM. needle in the vein. yep, that's going to me, otherwise known as your phlebotomist. - not to be confused with a heroin addict.

sure beats working in office all day, which i used to think was for me, but i'm tired of competing with the other 3847923 people looking for jobs. it was time for a change. i have to make this work. wish me luck.

xoxo -


  1. good luck! i'm sure you'll do exceptionally well with it. you're a strong woman, i hate hate hate blood and needles, makes me faint. lol

  2. We're supposed to be getting crazy amounts of snow over here too. I think I would be more excited about it if it was happening on a weekday so that I wouldn't have to go into work, but alas, I'm not that lucky LOL

    Anyway, I'm planning on going back to school in the fall and I'm a little nervous on how that's all going to go down with a baby and still manage to be wifely all while getting good grades. I guess you're tivo will have company when that time of the year rolls around LOL

  3. My sister went to school for phlebotomy. We learned very quickly as did she that you are either really good at it or not. My sister was not so good. She was always asking to practice on us when she was home on the weekends from school. And it always freaked me out that she let the other kids practice on her, she had track lines I tell you! Good luck, it is a hard job but the pay is great as far as we know.

  4. Good luck with school - and that is amazing that you're trying something new.

  5. Best of luck!! I just had my baby and will soon return to work and school... so I can sure see how much work it is!! but you'll be fine!! hope you get some tivo time!