January 07, 2010

i've been tagged.

ha, not that way, creep.

jenny tagged me to share "10 honest things about me and my life"... here you go.

[1] - i tend to come off as a bitch to people who don't know me. and in some aspects i truly am. no apologies.

[2] - i probably get five comments a week on "how beautiful" my hair is. i don't really notice it, but then i see a bunch of people that have busted hair, and i am thankful.

[3] - i love that my husband hasn't "let himself go", he's still as cute, skinny and fashionable as ever.

[4] - cj and i started dating when i was in 9th grade and he was in 10th, we dated for eight years (we met on the internet!) before we got married and had a baby and we owned our first house by the time i was 19 years old.

[5] - i am starting phlebotomy school (needles and blood!) at the end of this month. i needed a career change, well, i kinda just need a career. ha. looks interesting to me.

[6] - i have a three ring binder with baseball card inserts FILLED with coupons. i actually enjoy clipping coupons and saving money. its a sickness.

[7] - i am in l o v e with Obama. i want to meet him in IRL. (he's on my top 5 list) i want him to talk directly to me, say my name and all that jazz because i love his sexy voice.

[8] - i have a body pillow i sleep with most nights, and her name is Celly - shes green like the veggie. our GPS also has a name, its Val.

[9] - i can lay down and literally fall asleep in under two minutes. it pisses cj off so bad.

[10] - cj and i are very certain that we will win the power ball lottery very soon, and often daydream of all of the things we will buy... i will absolutely "need" a range rover, and a new pair of boobies the day we win.

now i'm going to tag this lady to follow suit because i love her.


  1. oh my. you make me lol, crystal. and you do have beautiful hair. ;)

  2. i loved these! i especially loved the one about the coupons because i have the exact same thing!

  3. Good luck on winning that lottery! <3

  4. I'm totally with ya on the coupon obsession girl!

  5. Hey girl. I've been trying to be better about my blog and am too "working on" the 30 day shred. Come see me! mrsmaddox31.blogspot.com

  6. Haha a range rover is on my "need" list when we win the lotto too!