January 07, 2010

shred [day three and four].

i never knew stationary jump rope and bicycle style crunches would be the death of me. and i am still only on workout one.

and i am pretty sure my eyes bled a wee bit having to watch her dog face YET again.

"if you want these results, they are not coming for free", - DUH jillian, duh.


  1. eep! sounds intense :(
    hubbs is getting ready to start the p90x and wants me to join him once i get cleared. definitely not something i'm looking forward to. but hey, at least you'll have someone to commiserate in your misery (and then enjoy the sexy mommy body rewards! ;])

  2. I plan on starting my Jillian Michaels dvd this week too! Go0d Luck!
    PS...Vegas is beautiful :-)