February 22, 2010

4 months old.

vegas landry -

i most certainly cannot believe that you are four months old [2.19.10]. you are turning out to be the most beautiful little girl, your dad and i still cannot believe you belong to us! you are such a gem, and we fall deeper in love with you every single second of the day. you have so many things going on at this time that i simply do not want to forget. so, here they are in no particular order.

- weight 12 pounds / 14 ounces. [30th percentile]
- height 23 1/2 inches. [25th percentile]
- head 16 1/4 inches. [50th percentile]

- you have discovered how very flexible you are. i mean, seriously you can bend completely in half.

- you tap everything with those dainty hands of yours. so much, that your father thought for a split second, it may be a mental thing. don't worry, the pediatrician set him straight. your dad is a piece of work, but you will find this out soon enough.

- you took your first spill this month. i hurt more than you did.

- you started on your first solid food - prunes - i know, so interesting, but you needed them. SO bad.

- you still hate tummy time, this has not changed, but that neck of yours is getting so strong.

- you can still wear quite a few of your newborn onesies, but the pants have to be 3 - 6, no high-waters for my girl.

- when you whine, it sounds like you are saying "ma maaaaaaaa ma maaaaa ma". melts my heart.

- you have officially moved up to the eight ounce bottles, the little shorty 4 ouncers are not cutting it these days.

- you look more like your dad everyday. he doesn't "see it", but you do. no worries though sweets, hes a fine looking human himself.

- i personally think you have a mullet. grow some hair [in the front] m'kay?

- you follow your father and i around the room, never letting us leave your line of sight. i'm not sure if that is good or bad, but it's cute nonetheless.

- oh and last but not least, you got your social security card. you're a legal tiny human!

happy four month birthday cuddle [that's your pen name from me, your welcome].
 xoxoxo <3,


  1. I cant believe that 4 months ago we were holding a 3 day old baby in our arms. And now look at them! Life is so flippin' crazy.

  2. she keeps getting more adorable day.by.day.

  3. Thanks for making me cry :) I can't believe that 4 months have flown by, I remember when you found out and when she was born. She is adorable.