March 08, 2010

i love you, but i cannot hold you twenty four hours a day.

i am not sure where this constant need to be held came from.

we intentionally didn't hold her all of the time for fear of this very reason, well.... the day has come. out of the blue. sometimes you cannot even sit her down for one tiny second and she straight flips out. being the new mom that i am, i have no idea what the heck her deal is. obviously i don't let her scream for hours on end, but i physically cannot hold her all night long.

gimme some pointers here ladies. have you suddenly had a "wanting to be held all the time" baby? what did you do to break the cycle?

i love to cuddle on her, but dang. it's not very attractive taking a baby to the bathroom with you. her dad doesn't even get to witness that, why should she? yeah, it's that bad sometimes.


  1. Unfortunately, sometimes I just have to let him cry. We've started sleep sucks. Seriously sucks. But it's helped his ability to sleep, and I think it's helped him have a little more independence during the day. He wanted to be held ALL.THE.TIME too. He's still pretty clingy, but atleast now I can set him down for a bit, and he's happier than before.

  2. DS NEEDS to be held all the time of late as well. Not too much of a change though...I did read somewhere that teething can make them clingier.

  3. I just put my babe in a front carrier so i can still get things done and hold her :) but..thats not a very good solution to NOT

  4. alex pulls this every now & again- tis the truth- holding them 24/7 is simply not possible (IMO)

    so usually i'll let her cry for a couple minutes if i REALLY need to do something. usually she chills out if i put her in her jumperoo or whatev. but sometimes- i just have to snuggle her. oy!!!