March 09, 2010

miss layla grace.

i recently came across this story and was immediately touched by it. i scan through many blogs a day, some interesting, some not so much. this one was different, very different.

it tells the tale of a mere 2 1/2 year old little girl named layla grace who is was battling stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma. i immediately found myself diving head first into the life of this little girl that her parents so selflessly shared with the rest of the world. they want to make people aware that this world is simply not filled with joy all of the time. that the mark that this little girl left on the earth, in her short stay here, was enough to touch strangers from all over the world.

here is her story. 

most of you have probably heard the news now if you were following her mother and father via twitter.

layla lost her battle with neuroblastoma this morning. some may find this news sad, but this little girl was so sick. i find it hard to feel anything other than relief for her family and for her sweet little body. in her final days she lost all control of her ability to live and her parents were suffering beyond comprehension.

it was so hard for me to read that her parents would take different shifts sitting with her so she would not have to be alone when she passed. i cannot even fathom the idea of where strength like that comes from. watching your child die before your eyes, and not being able to do a thing about it, is something no parent should ever have to be put through.

rest in peace sweet layla grace. your story has touched more people than you will ever know.

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