April 27, 2010

bargain momma review: up & up diapers.

before vegas was born, of course we wanted everything name brand. who wouldn't, especially when mostly other people are buying it for you?! all she wore were pampers swaddlers. we had enough to last us nearly 5 months and then the inevitable happened. we ran out. sure, i continued to buy the pampers but then my coupon supply started to dwindle and i just couldn't bear the thought of spending nearly $21 on a jumbo box of diapers for a name that nobody but mothers even care about.

being the avid target go-er that i am, i'm not a stranger to their product line - up & up [which is fancy verbiage for "off brand"]. i have never been disappointed with any of the off brand house items i have gotten at target including medicine and paper towels. i decided to go out on a limb and buy a small package of [36] - size two diapers for $7.34. i was a wee bit sceptical because that is a major price difference from the pampers, so i figured they may be junk. sometimes you get what you pay for, everyone knows that wisdom.

as my "test", i loaded vegas up with formula and strapped a cute ass green and blue polka dot up & up diaper on her sleepy butt, and put her to bed. [sidenote] vegas pees a ton at night, but has never leaked through a pamper in her short six month life. she woke at 2 am and the diaper was still going strong. i decided to be a bad mom and keep the diaper on her until the morning to see if she would leak through. we all know in a perfect world we would change our babies the second any body substance hit the diaper, but that's just not physically possible, not for me anyways.

in the morning, when she beckoned me on the baby monitor, i fully expected to have to be washing sheets. i de-sleepsacked her and felt the mattress - dry as can be! her diaper weighed like 8 pounds but every bit of pee was still in the diaper.

she has been in them a little over three weeks and i am completely sold.


yes, i was yelling.

not to mention the jumbo pack of up & ups at $13.69 for a case of 94 size 2's. that's roughly .15 a diaper as compared to the $21.00 i was spending on 84 pampers, which came out to about .25 a diaper. not only are you saving over $7.00 a box, you get 10 extra diapers for the same thing.

i am in no way being compensated to review these diapers (but if they wanted to, i would certainly not mind), i just thought i would share my findings with all of you bargain moms and dads. but mostly moms.


  1. interesting! My babe can not wear anything but pampers..everything i've tried breaks her out! Wonder if those would work..too bad I am 2 hours away from a target :(

  2. just today i was thinking of buying up & up diapers! i've been buying their baby wipes for two months now and love them! (i got a box of 700 for $12!) i will def give them a try!

  3. i love their wipes, we use those also. SO cheap, but GOOD.

  4. Thank you for this review! I have tried a few different off-brands but Liv can't make it through the night with them. I'm definitley going to try these diapers!

  5. I totally agree with you! Those diapers are amazing! I feel like they are a bit longer too so they are great for Thomas, who has a longer torso.

    Ditto the wipes!!

  6. first, target is my weakness. the bane of my existence. we have a love/hate relationship. i love their products, prices, and how they have EVERYTHING. i hate how i can't leave there without spending $900.
    second, those are the only diapers macie wears. LOVE them. she leaks out of pampers and huggies everyyyyy night. these are awesome. and wayyyyy cute.

  7. We haven't had to buy diapers yet (we were given case upon case for baby gifts!), but when we do I'll probably either go with the Target or Costco brands. Glad to know that the Target brand is a go!

  8. Thank you for this!!! I will most definitely keep this in mind as I love saving money as much as I love Target (that's a lot)!!

  9. Not to mention that they are CUTE diapers! Thanks for the review!

  10. I just tried the diapers, wipes and formula and everything is working perfectly for our little one. Why didn't anyone tell us about this stuff a long time ago! Thanks for sharing!!!