April 28, 2010

six months old.

points to new blog header. you like?

SIX MONTHS OLD. - like last week, but i am in denial.


she is growing like a weed here lately. watching her explore and learn new things never gets boring for dad and i. here are a few things i don't want to forget, fully equipped with pictures from our six month photoshoot.

  • you weigh 15 pounds / 7 ounces [50th percentile].
  • you are 25 inches long [50th percentile].
  • pediatrician said you have a big head like mom and dad.
  • you are trying to master the unassisted big girl sit. almost there.
  • you laugh anytime your dad sings "imma be" - by black eyed peas. weird, i know.
  • you pay close attention to our lips when we talk to you. i wonder how long it will be until you talk?
  • you get antsy the second you get bored. impatient, just like your mom.
  • you eat like a champ. sweet potatoes, bananas, pears, prunes, oatmeal and squash.
  • apparently you are a beautiful baby because it seems like you get an abnormal amount of compliments. not like i am bragging [okay, i am].
  • you have miraculously decided that you will take a paci, but only the avent variety. kinda late dontchya think girl?
  • you got your ears pierced - you're welcome.
  • you have recently discovered your furry brother maddox, and watch his every move.
  • you still don't sleep completely through the night, but i cannot complain, you are a great napper.
  • you sat in your first restaurant highchair, and it swallowed you whole.
  • you prefer to be carted around in the baby bjorn when we grocery shop so you can look at everything.
  • you are finally growing hair!

dad needs to shave his face.

mom needs to brush that hair.

yes, those are baby sunglasses. TY old navy.


  1. oh.my.word..going to order sunglasses now!

    haha..she is such a little doll!

  2. those baby sunglasses are killin' me! so cute. happy 1/2 birthday, vegas!!

  3. OMG, I cannot wait to meet her!!! SO adorable.

  4. i can't believe she is so good with keeping her sunglasses on. londyn swats hrs off before I can even get them on her.

  5. The sunglasses rock! And, yes, you have a beautiful baby :)

  6. omg her sunglasses are so ridiculously adorable! love love LOVE!

  7. She's rockin' those glasses! I totally assumed they were adult glasses.

  8. OH MY GOOD LORD. This chick could NOT be any more adorable! I love that she keeps those sunglasses on like she's a litte diva! haha!!! SO DAMN CUTE

  9. cute sun glasses... where did you get her leggins?

  10. Legging are from target, last summer I think. She can finally fit into them! Yay!

    Mrs D - she's a diva, just like her mom ;)

  11. whoa... look at my Megan Fox thumb in that picture...

  12. I just found your blog a few days ago and I love it. Your baby really is too cute for words.

  13. Adore the new header. It's perfect, and that is one beautiful baby you have, for sure.

  14. Wow I can't believe she keeps those sunglases on!! I love those little leggings!

  15. I can't believe she keeps those glasses on either, but I love it! Great pic for the header image.