April 06, 2010

easter 2010

every year for easter [and most other holidays] we spend it traveling from house to house. this year was no different. no cute easter dress pictures in this post because somebody chewed, slobbered and destroyed it before i could snap a picture. boo.

we got up and headed to vegas' gammys house [my mom] where she had the cutest little basket waiting for her, fully equipped with these... i cannot wait until her little hands can use them. she also had a basket for cj and i, because we are 25 and still get a basket from the easter bunny. my mom made the traditional easter meal featuring ham and her infamous burnt sweet potatoes.

not that she meeeeaaaaannnnssss to burn them every time [charcoal briquettes anyone?], she just always does. once she scraped that layer off and browned the new marshmallows to a wonderful shade of sienna it was eatin' time, and man was it good.

next we headed to vegas' mimis house [cjs mom] where she got yet another basket of goodies, including two summer dresses that after i washed and dried turned into summer shirts. they shrunk like 5 sizes.

this was her face after riding in the car all.day.long.

later that night we headed to some new friends' house and got drunk on wine while playing balderdash. what a great easter.


  1. Dang that girl is a-dor-a-ble! I love all the faces she has in different pics. you take!

    Oh & just so you know, I read the last line of this post about getting drunk off wine, & I cried a little. I MISS WINE so bad. That makes me a bad pregnant woman, huh? ;)

  2. Not bad by any means, just human