April 07, 2010

days [92 - 97]

[92] - um yeah, i totally have a $20 chew toy - my mom didn't buy it obviously, shes far too cheap for that. somebody in Kansas loves me! :)

[93] - lemme take a few noms off the ends, i can totally make it fit on that plate.

[94] - oh hai! i'm just standing, sort of.
[95] - you try looking upbeat after gazing into the grey leather of your back seat for the past hour.

[96] - this is the most comfortable sleeping position ever.
[97] - maybe when i am 16 i will get the concept of this jenny jump up. probably not though.


  1. She is so stinkin' cute. I'm totally going to miss my baby being a baby :(

  2. that's how i look at myyyy grilled cheese sangwiches :)

  3. I can't take the cuteness!! Make it stop!! She is so spunky & full of personality & your captions crack me up!! Hilarious & adorable

  4. I love her. And I love the 5 month pic that you have of her. Her face is priceless. lol

  5. Seriously, she is just the CUTEST!! And, your hysterical captions makes the pictures even better. :)

  6. Awww... someone in Kansas DOES love her, and is also horribly bad lately about posting on blogs and on reading/commenting on those of her friends. She's as darling as ever, I so hope she loves Sophie!