April 22, 2010

q & a - part dos.

Q: why did i mutilate my daughter by piercing her ears without consulting her?

A: ahh, the controversy. hey there delilah, lets just start by saying that the choice to get her ears pierced was not part of a “tradition” nor was it done for “cultural” reasons. i am in no way [hiding] the reason why we got her ears pierced. the truth? because i am her mother and i have the ultimate choice, but more importantly i didn’t get my ears done until i was a kid and i remember the actual day they held me down and stabbed both of my tiny lobes. i am in my 20s and still remember it vividly. in that moment, i wished my mother had done it earlier. i didn’t want vegas to have to go through that. so when she grows up and thanks me for doing it so early, i will feel great that i didn’t leave her with such a horrible memory like i have. earrings are not permanent. if she hates them and takes them out, my life will go on.

don’t even get me started on the topic of circumcising because those are “mutilation” as well if you want to get all technical about things.

Q: what did we put in the three white frames in vegas’ room?

A: right now there are two dainty pictures of our cutie, and one enormous belly picture of me. i would snap pictures but a certain baby is fast asleep right now. never wake a sleeping baby, well – at least that’s what they say.

Q: what is the best thing about being a mom?

A: knowing that i am completely responsible for my own tiny human. having her give me those big 100 watt smiles when in walk in her room after a long night of sweet dreams. having people coming up to me and commenting on how “cute” and “well behaved” she is. feeling the love she has for me that no one else gets to experience. shall I name a million more?

Q: do i have any other mom friends and how did i meet them?

A: in real life? no. <-- im quite sad about this one. on the internet yes. i met them mostly through the bump. here are a few of my originals: heidi, sally, morgan and karly. enjoy them as much as i do, but i will cut a bitch if you become too friendly. just a heads up.

Q: what has been the biggest challenge in my marriage thus far?

A: my whole no job situation. we have defiantly had to learn to live on a shoestring budget.

Q: can you give us photo tour of your house? you seem like a great decorator on a budget and i’m curious what the rest of your house looks like.

A: thank you! i am going to get all fancy and give you a complete home tour in pictures or a video, i have yet to decide. but that will be its own post altogether. so for now, here are a few pictures to hold you over.

Q: what has been my biggest challenge in motherhood thus far?

A: adjusting to baby time.

Q: what is the daily routine in the house?

A: right now, we don’t really have a daily schedule other than a bedtime routine… is that bad? lol. it’s usually, she yells, I answer accordingly [or cj].

Q: what activities do you do with vegas?

A: she really enjoys when we sing to her, well – cj more than me. we go for stroller walks in the evening, play on her play mat, play with maddox [our dog], watch us brush our teeth with our electric toothbrushes [she is totally amazed by them], and whatever other weird games I create throughout the day. right now, every day is different.

Q: you seem to be quite picky about clothing and both fashionable...where are your favorite places to shop? and what brands do you love?

A: i am extremely picky, more than i should be. i like to look good for a deal, so i tend to shop at moderately priced stores such as target [ILU!], old navy, gap and forever 21 occasionally. most people do not like the way old navy fits them, but their jeans hug my ass very nicely, so that is where i buy all of my jeans. and hello, they are under $30 full price [which i never buy], but i wouldn’t think twice about paying $30 for them because they make my ass look pretty nice. i have never even tried on a pair of designer jeans because i am sure i would be hooked. i will say i do have an unhealthy love of shoes [specifically nine west] and purses!

cj, on the other hand has a little more expensive taste in clothes [i blame this on his parents and their inability to say no to him when he was growing up]. he has a few pairs of designer jeans and will spend upwards of $40 on a polo. he has about 10 different colors of the same express dress shirt, and he's a whole bunch of hot when he wears them. rawr.

Q: what kind of vehicle do you drive? what do you want for your next ride?

A: right now i have a red Volvo s40 t5. i love it! i have had it for about 3 years now, but seeing as cj’s car is paid off and we really need to get a bigger vehicle i am eyeing the new body style ford escape. i am afraid to make the move from a car to an SUV solely for gas reasons so that is why i like the size of the escape.

Q: what do you use for hair products, makeup? you always look so good!

A: thank you! hair products: sexy hair and brilliant brunette. Makeup: bare minerals and nothing else, i LOVE LOVE LOVE the stuff.

Q: how did you handle the stress of losing your job and being pregnant?

A: i won’t lie, it was very stressful. every worry was running through my head, then CJ knocked some sense into me. luckily we had money set back from the sale of our previous house and that made it a lot more manageable for me. as cliché as it sounds, i do think that everything happens for a reason, and i look at that as just a chapter in my life, but most certainly not the last chapter.

Q: i like the nursery! where did you get the ideas? also [sub question] who did the painting? i figure it was DIY since you are the guru of saving $$ and still being fab! any helpful ideas on how to paint my son's room?

A: we love our nursery too. its so neutral and easy to change for when she is growing up. if there is one tip i could give you it would be keep the wall paint to a manageable color. bright blue or green may be cute, but it will get old looking very quickly. vegas’ room is dark beige, with one corner being outlined in a coral pink color. we wanted a little girl touch, but baby pink is not our style. cj and I both painted the formerly mint green nursery. it was his idea to do the pink corner [which he painted],and we get soooo many compliments on when people see it for the first time. you could do a variation of that for your little boys room! how cute would that be?!

thank you ladies for all the great questions! my fingers are literally falling off at this point.


  1. Thanks for answering our questions.

    On the SUV thing I have a Honda CRV and get great gas mileage. I go about 1 1/2-2 weeks on a tank of gas and I drive about 25 miles every day. On long road trips I can get about 400 miles off a tank of gas. I am sure the larger SUV's won't be like that but the CRV gets pretty good gas miles. Thought I throw that in there.

  2. I really like all the F's. Very cool.

  3. I have a slight obsession with the "Fs". I was thinking about starting a "V" collection for vegas' room. :)

    Heather, everyone said that CRVs are nice and great on gas, but they are personally not my style. Too (round) for me I think LOL.

  4. Even though I throw up a little everytime I buy gas I absolutely LOVE my bus...I mean SUV. I will always have one...but we'll always have a small car too.

  5. I've been meaning to comment on this for DAYS.

    I love love LOVE that 'F' display. Freaking adorable and I now set you on a pedestal for your decorating abilities.

    We need to meet in real life because this is just getting ridiculous. We're exactly the same, with children who's precious bald heads are decorated with the same accessories, have husbands who are smokin' hot (obv.), and have amazing fashion sense. One of us needs to come visit so we can go to Old Navy and pick up a few new pair of jeans that make our asses look good. Because THAT'S WHERE I GET ALL MINE TOO.

    You kill me, I love you, /novel.