April 14, 2010

so, imma do a question and answer post.

here lately, i have been at a loss of what to post. i know posting pictures of my cute kid all the time isn't going to cut it. i have also realized that i have a lot more lurkers than i thought, as i have been getting a ton more [first time commenters] WHICH I LOVE!

what are the burning questions you want to know about me? my husband? my life? my baby? my dog? my shoe collection? my unhealthy love of coffee? i'm an open book, just ask.

i really hope i don't get like 2 questions. that would be embarrassing. le sigh.

aaanddd GO!


  1. Ok, I'll ask a question...but you're not going to like it.

    Why did you think it was ok for you to do something to your daughter that caused her to "let out the most deadly shrieks i have ever heard emitted from her tiny lungs" just so you could decorate her? Do you not think it totally inappropriate to let strangers stab your daughter and cause her immense pain for an accessory that she may not even want when she is older? And don't tell me it is "tradition" or was done for "cultural" reasons... those are just excuses people hide behind. As mothers we spend our lives trying to protect our children, but here you have done the exact opposite. Your poor daughter didn't even know what was coming to her and certainly didn't ask to be mutilated so that mommy could make her look cuter. Imagine her shock, surprise, pain and confusion... it breaks my heart and it should break yours as well.

  2. How did you meet your husband?

  3. In response to Delilah's comment referring to ear piercings:

    "And don't tell me it is "tradition" or was done for "cultural" reasons... those are just excuses people hide behind."

    Tradition and culture are just excuses that people hide behind? I would tend to agree with you, but then you must take that huge generalization and apply it to all the "culture" and "tradition" that comes with living in our society. I think traditions like dressing little girls in bows and pink are just as useless, but we do it anyway and nobody questions them for it. In short, your argument is flawed. People don't hide behind culture or tradition, we ARE the culture and tradition, we are inflitrated with it, we can't escape it.

    Also, I don't think I would appreciate you comparing piercing of the ear lobe (a very insensitive place of the body) as "mutilation". This is a gross misunderstanding of the process. Piercings of the ear lobe do not hurt and deform. The shock, pain, and confusion would be no more than the shock pain and confusion of getting a boo-boo. After the initial piercing, there is no pain, no suffering, no side effects (unless of course you are allergic to certain types of metal). I myself have had piercings and they are NOT as horrible as you describe. I think it's pretty clear that you do not have a piercing. You are blowing the situation way out of proportion.

    Baby will not remember the pain AT ALL, at any time. In fact, it might be considered better to pierce the ears at a young age where they will not remember a thing later on. (Not that it's really that traumatic). Also, this mommy is not making a choice for her daughter that will have any traumatic or negative repercussions. If Vegas grows up and doesn't want to use the piercing, voila, she doesn't have to. Anyway, that's just what I have to say.

  4. i think you posting pics of you babe..is awesome..lol..i'm guilty for doing the same thing!

    why did you name her Vegas...and I am so not opposed, my daughter's middle name is Tennessee..lol!

    What is your biggest fear?

    Have you ever clicked over to my blog..just curious..lol..I've commented very few times..but always read!

    Did you ever fill out the pink frames in Vegas's room? If so..please share!

    And what is up with the Delilah chick..sheesh, give me a break.

  5. Oh Delilah, why do you think it's ok to come into someone's house and trash talk them? It's not. Get the fuck out.

    And LL, what is the best thing about being a mama for you? Do you have other mommy friends? If so, how did you meet them?

  6. I was hoping you maybe knew Delilah personally, and she was just giving you a hard time. But she's a random person in the blogosphere who is going to rant like that? Bizarre.

    I would like to know what other names you considered besides Vegas. Cuz Vegas is unique, and I'm thinking there were other unique possiblities, too.

  7. I love seeing the cute pictures of Miss. Vegas

    I am curious how you came up with the name (I like her name BTW)?

    Good job Jill explaining.

  8. Not a question per say - but did you notice as Delilah went on her rant above - the picture of Vegas right next to it! The expression on her face almost looks like she is reacting to Delilah's rant!! HAHAH!

    I'll give you a question:

    1.) What has been your biggest challenge in your marriage thus far?
    2.) What has been your biggest challenge in motherhood thus far.

    OOPs - guess that is two questions!

  9. What do both you and your husband do for a living?

    Are you planning on having any more children? If yes, when?

    Is your hair naturally that dark? (its very pretty!)

    If Vegas had turned out to be a boy what would you have named him?

    That Delilah chick is insane - don't listen to her. Way to FREAK out about something so minor. Geesh.

  10. P.S. Why don't you have a blog archive drop down menu? It would make back-tracking sooo much easier :) When I first found your blog I wanted to read it from the beginning... clicking "older post" at the bottom until i got there..not so much fun. Just a thought.

  11. Wow Delilah...relax!

    I just had my daughters ears pierced last Sunday and we're very happy that we did it now. She only cried for about 30 seconds and was fine.

    I was wondering how you and your husband came up with the name Vegas? I love it! Did you have a lot of other baby girl names picked out?

    Does she have any nicknames? Our daughters name is Reise and we've noticed people are trying to "give" her a nickname and it's annoying.

    Where is your favorite place to shop for Vegas?

  12. OMG, people, SHE WANTED TO PIERCE HER BABY'S EARS! it's HER decision and HER baby! she will not be scarred for life and is completely fine. save your judgement for things that matter, like politics. jeesh.

  13. how long have you and your husband been together.
    and to delilah, that was just a dumb post. sorry, thats my opinion. Vegas didn't die. Its better than being 13 and getting it pierced and having to remember the pain.

  14. Do you plan on having any more children? If so when?

  15. Delilah needs a throat punch.

    I love seeing the pics of Vegas and seeing what comments with go with them, you always crack me up.

    What is the daily routine in your house?

    What are some activities you do with Vegas?

    Can you give us photo tour of your house? You seem like a great decorator on a budget and im curious what the rest of your house looks like.

  16. Ah, miss Delilah... Ef you. Seriously.

    ok now that I got THAT off my chest, how is your new career aspiration going?? Are you still going to school for that? I can't remember!

    How long were you & hubby married before you decided to try to have a babe?

    What does he do for a living?

    Sorry, I'm NOSEY!!

  17. I love reading your blog and love the cute pictures of Vegas...love her name!!! Don't really have any questions for ya, anxious to see all your answers to the above though!

    Delilah...really?? Wow...

  18. ::side eyes Delilah::

    I was going to ask the same thing that Mrs.D did. How is the job front going?????

    And why do we have the cutest kids in the universe??

  19. LOL.
    Chances are Delilah, LL has a 99% chance that her daughter will LOVE her earrings. And I completely agree with Jill, we ARE our culture, we live it and are submersed in it.
    I have a question for you....do you have any boys? Did you get them circumcised?? Just curious.

    OK, on to more important things.
    What does your husband do? Also, you see to be quite picky about clothing and both fashionable...where are your favorite places to shop? And what brands do you love? If you had all the money to spend...where would you shop first?

  20. ::blank stares Delilah::

    What do you use for hair products, makeup? You always look so good.

  21. LOVE your blog! Vegas is adorable!!! I have a boy myself and your blog makes me excited to one day [hopefully] have a girl!!

    Q: I like the nursery! Where did you get the ideas? Also [sub question] who did the painting? I figure it was DIY since you are the guru of saving $$ and still being fab! Any helpful ideas on how to paint my son's room?

    And in regards to Delilah...Slipknot's front man, Cory Taylor, said it best, "I will punch you in the taint...or somewhere up or around the area." SHUT IT.

  22. first of all let me just say that every mother has the right to decide what to do with their kids and if someone doesn't like it, well they don't have to read your blog then!

    Anyway, reading some of your old posts I learned about how you got fired from your job when you got pregnant. This happened to a friend of mine and unfortunately she couldn't do anything about it so I was wondering how everything worked out for you. And since I'm on this topic, how did you handle the stress of loosing your job and being pregnant?


  23. Delilah=butt hole. I mutilated my daughter's body too & don't feel guilty in the slightest :)

    My questions were all asked... What were other names you considered for Vegas? Do you have friends that are moms too?

    So looking forward to your answers!