April 13, 2010

days [98 - 103]

[98] - no matter how many toys i accumulate, im pretty sure my limbs are the best.

[99] - doe-eyed sleepy girl.
[100] - stretching out that ham string, you know, working on my fitness.

[101] - yes, your vision really is that bad.
[102] - my best imitation of dad, like... everyday. oh wait, let me get my laptop and droid.
[103] - peaches and oats again?! wheres the steak mom? geeze.


  1. You have one of the most adorable little girls I have EVER laid eyes on. I can't get enough of her sweet pictures!! The hamstring one is my fave!! haha!! Oh annnnnd you have an award waiting for you. If you're interested :)