May 17, 2010

days [131 - 137]

[131] -  trying out allll of my new hair bows from allthingsgirly on etsy.

[132] - look at my new trick!

[133] - pool time. with a cute hat of course.

[134] - oh, i'm just eating on my bottle lid hanging with my seven week old boyfriend, gavin, who is like, seriously my size.

[135] - i can finally fit in my birdie tee that audrey from kansas sent me. chirp chirp. i named him ramone.

[136] - nothing about this picture makes me look like a girl, mom.

[137] - naps while its raining - are where its at.

1 comment:

  1. I love this blog!! I wish I had started the 365 idea when I first had Addison... Vegas is so beautiful... :)