May 19, 2010

can i beg for votes please?

and it is ironically not for top mommy blogs. rofl.

i entered both of my cuties in a local papers "daddy and me" photo contest to win $100 gift card to a thai restaurant for fathers day and a $100 gift card to a local furniture store [moma needs a new dresser!].

i am asking you to go to the link below, register [you can opt to not get emails, but the vote will NOT count if you don't register], vote and vote again every hour on the hour until june 10th. no seriously, the website will let you vote once an hour. might as well, since you are registering and all. im not too proud to beg!

CLICK ME! - baby leggins and a handsome dad inside.

i seriously will love you forever if you will do this for us. cj is a great dad, and i really want to win this for him!

don't be surprised when you see the random "daddy and me" link at the bottom of all of my posts until june 10th! im one determined mom.

<3, crystal


  1. Voted. And saved to my desktop to vote further. Cutest of the bunch for sure. GL!

  2. O totally voted. Cuz I think your babe & Hubbs are pretty good looking. And I love you a little too much ;)

  3. Hey lady, your blog is under "20sb staff recommends" right now. Just thought I'd let you know!

  4. I will totally vote for you :D


  5. Voted for you as well. I hope you win. Your baby is a doll. And hubby too :)

  6. I registered and will vote as much as I can! <3 -Jen Hughes