May 31, 2010

i'm baaaaaaaaack.


what a crazy two week transition it has been! going from a full time stay at home mom, to a full time - baby missing - working mom. man i miss her while i am gone, but it it slowly getting easier by the day. i live to see her cutie face when i beg cj to send me like five pictures a day of her. going back to work has been a blessing for my entire family! it could not have came at a better time.

i cherish the few hours we have in the evening together while cj is at work. she makes me complete and not being able to physically see her at my desire makes me appreciate those special hours that much more.

who would have thought just a mere two years ago this is how we would want to spend our saturday evenings? with a bald little lady, in a swing in a park, watching run-a-way ice cream man flee for his life!

just look at those dangling feet.

it seems that every time i want to video her, we dont have the video camera. sorry for the crap quality.


  1. New reader here, I love that you named her Vegas!

  2. It is so hard to be away from our babies while at work, but I really do think it makes you a better mom because you appreciate the time you are with them so much more :)

  3. It gets better as it becomes the new normal. Some days I am really glad I get to leave the house and go to work ;)

  4. Hahah omg those little feet! SO cute!!!

    BTW, just realized my linky to you wasn't working. It is now fixed!

  5. what a fab blog! Love your blog and such a cute little girl! :) proud follower now- come follow me back! thanks!