May 28, 2010

days [138 - 144]

[138] - no more baby bathtub for this big girl!

[139] - i spy, out of the corner of my eye... justin bieber!

[140] - out to eat mexican with mom and dad, showing off my super sweet standing skills.

[141] - nooooo teeeeth.

[142] - i just cannot handle this anymore! is mom home from work yet?!

[143] - mom actually found me a clean swing this time!

[144] - baby butt cheeks and a chubby tummy?! oh em gee.


  1. The blue jeans?! Cuteness abounds. Where have you been? Long time no blog!

  2. her cuteness is OFF THE CHARTS. sooooo great.

  3. Work work working! Thats another post for this week! I promise to try to be better. Lol :)

  4. Seriously, Vegas is just the CUTEST! Love all the pics. :)