May 09, 2010

mothers day - with my mother of course.

there are not nearly enough words in the english dictionary to describe how i feel about my mother. those would be good words, not bad.

i am lucky to have a pretty awesome relationship with my mother. i know that is not the case for so many others.

this mothers day we went to lunch where she gave me this beautiful "mother and child" bracelet. it is dangling on the keyboard as i type this. i was completely not expecting a gift from her, so it was extra special in that sense.

vegas was a little on the crabby side today. she didn't get the memo that she is supposed to be on her best behavior. i guess she thought that since she gave me my present last week [got my hurrr did!], that she was off the hook.

ps. my mom is not a midget, all though she does resemble one in pictures sometimes. oh, and no i am not adopted, ive asked a few times because i look nothing like her. im all my dad. just like vegas, i guess.


  1. So sweet!! I LOVE that bracelet she gave you!! happy mother's day little momma!
    p.s. i crack up looking at the last picture with Vegas all vogued out & totally serious with her baby sunglasses. It kills me that she keeps them on!

  2. I love the bracelet. It's so cute.

  3. happy mother's day crystal!

    it's great that you have such a close relationship with your mom. i do too, and i really appreciate it.

  4. That bracelet is so sweet.

    The sunglasses you and Vegas are wearing are too cute.

  5. Bracelet = Fabulous. Happy Mommas Day!! <3