May 07, 2010

nothing in this post has to do with the other.

so let me just start out by saying i had a fantastic time meeting [mrs. trophy wife] and her a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e flirt baby, sully. did i say he was adorable? well, he is! we met today at california pizza kitchen and chatted about everything from cloth diapering, to how close we lived to each other, and MUST meet again. soon. all while our kiddos were munching on mum mums and flirting with one another.

i look like some ethnicity that i am not [caucaisianese?] and what is my left arm doing?! gosh i'm weird. please excuse my child, she doesn't like anyone stealing her lime light.

she is just as charming in person, as on her blog. seriously y'all. i know that not everyone is truthful in their blogs. not necessarily with the content, but more like the person behind the keyboard. some people use blogging to channel an inner part of ones self that is hard to emit in real life. you could be ridiculously witty in your blog-o-sphere, but dry as a corn flake in real life. i was a little apprehensive about meeting her, not because i was scared, but because i was afraid we would have that awkward silence every now and again. totally didn't happen. she is such a breath of fresh air i cannot wait to do it again!


in later news, i got another job offer - that i eagerly accepted! that's right... two in one week?! is the sky falling? and the best part of all, its a job in healthcare as a phlebotomist! what a way for me to get my foot in the door at a company that i sooo wanted to work for! i was so excited i thought about ordering this douchebag ed hardy wanna be phlebotomy shirt.

whoever designed that shirt, needs to be shot. or stuck with 1,000 needles.

but i didn't because, well. LOOK AT IT!

hard part is, i have to tell the first company that i must retract their offer. any tips? advice? the first job offer was part time but closer to my house. the second was further, but full time. i really struggled with what would be the best decision for my family, since this will be my first real post-baby job.


right now, i officially hate my phone. well, for today, and probably until tuesday when my replacement comes. to have a phone that is marketed with "crystal clear reception" my droid sounds like my voice is being put through a tunnel, then bound and gagged. i literally had to spell my first name to the rude receptionist lady that called to confirm my doctors appointment yesterday. it went a little something like this. i think.

"c" - as in i cannot talk any louder.
"r" - as in i really hate you right now.
"y" - as in i am yelling through my phone at you, puta.
"s" - as in skank, this is getting ridiculous.
"t" - as in time to look for another receptionist, mr. doctor.
"a" - as in apple :)
"l" - as in you have lousy phone etiquette.

i wish i could be that rude in real life sometimes.


  1. Oh I see the one we were talking about today. That shall teach me to read better. Regardless, yay!

  2. I truly heart you and Vegas! Honestly, she is one of the most adorable baby girls I have ever seen, and I had SO much fun with you. We must do it again. And another job offer? OMG. And yes, your phone sucks.


  3. w00t! I am so excited for you and your new job. And soooo jealous that you met the Mrs.

  4. look at you getting another offer :) just tell job #1 "thank you so much for extending the offer to work with you but i was just offered another full-time position which is more in line with my education/career goals..." just be truthful, keep it short yet professional.

  5. Aww, it sounds like you had a great time meeting MTW...that's awesome! Oh, and I'm always worried when I meet blog/internet friends IRL (I've met quite a few through wedding planning), but it's always so nice when you click just as much IRL as you did online. :)

    Oh, and I actually just looking into getting the Droid...would you recommend it?? I mean, other than the clarity issue that you're having, do you still like it? I just don't want to spend $150 on a new phone and end up kicking myself in the arse b/c it sucks! lol Thanks, Crystal! (A as in apple, that made me giggle. :P )

  6. Aw I'm jealous! I love Mrs. Trophy Wife :)

    I just recently found your blog and I'm back reading. I love it! Vegas is adorable!

    Is your name really Crystal? B/c mine is too, but I've seen people call you LL on here. I'm confused! haha

    In other things we have in common: I have the same bedspread as the one in Vegas' two month old picture.

    I take this to mean we are soul mates.

  7. Congrats on the phlebotomy gig! It sucks you need to go back to job #1 and tell them you aren't coming to work for them. Can you just type up a polite email??

  8. Kiki - "LL" is my screen name that some of my bloggy friends know me by. It stands for littlelotero. :)

    Aaaand, I LOVE my droid almost all of the time! I didn't know I was having problems until all of the people on the other end of the phone said I needed to speak up. I went to verizon, and they replaced it, free of charge. I will say that your $150 will be well spent!