June 13, 2010

days [148 - 160]

this is totally going to be my catch up post. i have been taking pictures everyday, but "updating" part is a little lacking. i'm still trying to figure out this now routine i am in.

[148] - put the cell phone away mom! i'm trying to nap with dad, can't you see?
[149] - this is how cj keeps her entertained. sad.
[150] - "i can yell at you if i want!"
[151] - it is simply exhausting being a drama queen all day long.
[152] - seven freaking months old.
[153] - a double chin on vegas? adorable. a double chin on crystal? not so adorable.
[154] - in only a diaper, playing with a hair brush and a lays stax lid = redneck. i am sorry.

[155] - mom let me play with the usb cord. mother of the year.
[156] - what?! a justin bieber sighting at my pool?!
[157] - being a bum in my first pool float.
[158] - looks like someone got into the bathroom basket! ooooops.
[159] - ahhhh, this is the life.
[160] - again, dad tried to keep me entertained the best he could. oh, and my hat just gave mom a flashback to the tv show Blossom..... whooooa!


  1. I love your blog and your awesome, cute Vegas. I just chuckled over this post after a horrid day, and now I feel nice. Thank you.

  2. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful!

  3. She is so big! And adorable I might add :)

  4. She just gets cuter & cuter & CUTER!!! All of the pictures are SO cute.

  5. Love the swimsuit! Where did you get it!?