June 06, 2010

seven months old.

so you are seven months old. um, yeah -  not so sure how i feel about that. you are growing a little faster than i would like to admit. please slow, thats pretty much an order. 

so much has changed about you in the past month. here are a few bunch of the highlights. equipped with the mandatory photo shoot.

- you have discovered your high pitch voice, cute and not so cute at the same time.
- you completely sit up unassisted all of the time.
- you are showing no signs of crawling anytime soon, you still hate being on your stomach.
- are still a toothless beauty.
- love going in the pool!
- grab for EVERYTHING. nothing is off limits, including moms flat iron [happened, but mom intervened just in the nick of time.]
- finally growing some dang hair!

- put EVERYTHING in your mouth.
- take shorty naps, as opposed to the marathon 2 hour ones you used to take.
- are thisclose to sleeping through the night, every night.
- are so excited to see mom when she comes home from work. melts my heart, every time.
- eat 6 - 8 ounces of baby food a day.
- you are turning into quite the diva. i wonder where that comes from?!
- splash more water out of the tub than you probably should.

- are becoming so vocal! i cannot wait until you say "ma ma ma ma".
- have the cutest [pirate face] that mom trying to catch on camera. [sidenote, your gammy said that your mom used to do the same face when she was little!].

i think she may have been a little sad that i took my necklace off of her.
i also added a new monthly picture to the right sidebar for your viewing pleasure.


  1. Damn she's cute. Every time I see pictures, she's cuter! I didn't think that was possible. Definitely one of the cutest babies I have ever seen. For reals. :)

  2. Good gravy, she is positively gorgeous. You are extremely lucky!