July 08, 2010

myrtle beach 2010.

cj and i had our first break away from being full time parents since vegas was born. we were gone for nearly 5 days over the fourth of july. it was extremely hard on me personally when we first left. i had enormous mommy guilt. vegas stayed at our house while my mom came over to watch her.
before this trip we had not been away from her for more than a day or two.

we considered taking her with us, but since we were going with one other couple [childless i might add], we figured we would attempt to be good company sans a baby.
we went to myrtle beach, sc and had the most beautiful weather. high 80's, no humidity! it was crazy town though because of ALL of the people migrating to the beach to see mediocre fireworks. and crappy they were. we will not even touch on how i feel about that subject. [can you sense my disappointment?].
cj and i had a great trip, but we missed our girl like crazy! im so glad my mom sent us about five pictures a day to our phones to hold us over until we could kiss her cutie cheeks.
enjoy the pictures.

ALSO - again i am going to ask all of you lovely readers to do me a favor. i entered vegas into yet another baby contest. PLEASE vote for her. its in abc order and you are only allowed to vote on one baby picture a day [there are nearly 250!] per user account.

we could win a $500 visa card if we can get the votes. i know its a long shot, but i know we have a cute girl, and apparently you guys think shes cute as well because you come here to read about her! look for this picture vvvvvvv

please and thank you from vegas in advance.  :)

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  1. sounds like a good time overall...go Vegas *runs to vote*