July 11, 2010

eight months old.

per usual, i am late with this post.

i cannot believe that my teeny baby is doing things that [in my opinion] should not be happening until she is around 13 years old, such as saying "dada". thats when they start talking right?

here are a few other milestones i don't want to forget.

- you sprouted two bottom teeth this month. so damn cute.
- finally caught your [pirate face] on camera! proof below.

- you clap on command.
- say "da da da" - dad is over the moon with that one.
- say "maaaaa" sometimes ::rolls eyes::
- still have no desire to crawl. you simply throw a fit when left on your stomach.
- are getting so much better at sleeping in longer stretches.

- will stand only when assisted by mom, dad or a wall.
- have the cutest cheeseball smile.
- are becoming a bit attached to mom and dad when new people come around. [i'm hoping this is a short stage].
- you do not like any sort of solid food yet. i tried to give you a yogurt melt the other day, and you literally gagged the second i put it on your tongue. silly girl.
- you started rolling over in your crib and sleeping on your stomach.
- like to watch cartoons with daddy in the morning.
- still love bathtime.
- are starting to grow hair [mom is sooo happy about this one].
- you are still a petite little thing - under 17 pounds.
- are getting a bit long for your baby carseat, looks like a big girl one is in our future.

i added a new picture to the right for your viewing pleasure.

ALSO - again i am going to ask all of you lovely readers to do me a favor. i entered vegas into yet another baby contest. PLEASE vote for her. its in abc order and you are only allowed to vote on one baby picture a day [there are nearly 250!] per user account.

vegas and i thank you in advance. :)


  1. Why is she standing?! Why are they doing any of these things?? ::tears:: Vegas is so dang cute. I know I say it all the time but she is. <3

  2. Totally LOLd at the Pirate Face! And she is petite just like Gianna... she didn't hit 17 lbs until 9 months!