August 22, 2010

days [201 - 210].

[201] - waaaaa? YOU gave it to me woman, and i have teeth, what did you THINK i was going to do with it?
 [202] - good thing mom lets me play with cords, because this is my favorite toy evvvver.
[203] - yes, that indeed is a sharpie in my hand, so.
[204] - subway?! but i only have two teeth! fml.
[205] - here is my handle, here is my spout.
[206] - cheeeeeeeeeese. preferably swiss.
[207] - new pearl earrings and wispy hair.
[208] - rawr. haaaaaaaay baby boys!
[209] - boogie? ew.
[210] - nine months old and sophie is a hooch.


  1. Goodness she is more beautiful every time I see her. I love the comments they always make me laugh.

  2. vegas totally looks like your hubby on 205. just darling :) she's growing so fast and so purdy!

  3. Gah! Can she be any more adorable!?