August 15, 2010

nine months old - nearly one month late.

There is no excuse that outweighs the fact that i have simply been a bad blogger here lately. i am hoping to get out of this blogging [slump] i have been stuck in for some time. i am lucky if i can tap out a "days of vegas" post every other week. boo to me, boo!

here are the fun facts of my nine month old priss nearly one month late.

- at your nine month appointment [at the end of july] you weighed 16lbs 14ounces [40th percentile] and were 27 inches long.
- we have orders to "plump you up a bit" before your 12 month [OMG!] pediatrician appointment.
- you can stand independently if propped up by a wall. you would stand there forever if we let you.
- you still show no signs of crawling anytime soon.

- you are in love with your daddy. he can simply look at you and make you smile.
- you are a chatter box. apparently you get that from me. lol. words of choice include... dada, baba, mama [sometimes], and mmmm when you are eating.

- you can still wear some 3-6 onesies, but are pretty dead on when it comes to pants. you are a long and lean lady.
- we have been trying to introduce finger foods and a sippy cup, neither of which are going very well.
- you will do things on command now, like shake your head and say "dada".

- you get at a minimum of three comments a day about how cute you are, from complete strangers. :)
- you are 95% sleeping through the night.
- you are super selective with your smiles and who you show them too! daddy says you inherited my [bitch face]. ha! i am completely okay with that.
- you are finally getting hair, but it is more blonde than brown. wtf?!

vegas, you are most certainly the light of your daddy and i's life! you are not going to be a small little baby forever, so i want to soak you up as much as possible before you hate me because i embarrassed you in front of your first boyfriend, or won't let you dye your hair like all of the other first graders are doing.


  1. She is so sweet! and she is getting so big! Yay! That brithday is just around the corner.

  2. Vegas is the cutest baby ever! I am a total random stranger (from Brazil!!) that found your blog via and just had to comment and congratulate you for such an adorable baby! :)

  3. :::blushes at naylas comment::: thabk you!

  4. That is so cute she doesn't want to crawl at 9 months LOL! She is going to be a mommy/daddy's girl forever that means!!!