August 23, 2009

so we have a [new] crib.

some of you may remember that i posted about the crib we "picked" a while back, well that turned out to be all that happened with that crib. when it came down to actually ordering it, that aforementioned crib was out of stock, i seriously about died. all of that hard internet searching down the drain.

CJ came to my rescue when it came time to decide on a new alternative. we decided on AND had my dad order this beauty. the athena spring 3 in 1 convertible crib in cherry, it converts from a crib to a toddler bed, to a full size bed and that glorious piece of furniture is sitting safe at my moms house until next weekend. hopefully i don't get frustrated and stab my mom or cj with a screw driver while attempting to put this thing together next weekend. please sweet baby jesus in a manger, let this be a simple task.

now, i know that realistically miss v probably wont even sleep in this crib for a good month or so after she is born, but my hormones are whispering to me that this crib must be put together no later than october first, just in case she decides to not be fashionably late to everything like her mom.

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