September 15, 2009

crib and wall art.

we got the crib put together about two weeks ago. i was fairly surprised how quickly that CJ and i put the crib together. from box to set-up took less than an hour and a half.

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finally, we found some pretty awesome wall art to go above miss Vs crib. i didn't want to post the crib with a blank wall above it. the typical ribbon hanging letters are completely not our style and are so overly done these days that i wanted something fresh and clean. i found these ridiculously presh white butterflies at target. i love that they are not flush with the wall, and are not stickers.

ps. i am so sad that i cannot find a solid white bumper for under $30 that i like for her crib. im such a cheapo. ::tear::


  1. How about just under $30? :P
    @ - Crib Bumper by bb Basics $29.99

    Love the butterfly decals! I agree with you, ribbon letters are SO overdone.

  2. Love the butterflies. Its the perfect touch. has solid white for $23.99

  3. How about a breathable bumper from BRU? Its safer. We switched out our regular bumper at 5 months when Ian started rolling in his crib at night. He would sleep with his face smashed against the bumper so I went with this one instead. Plus it's less than $30 and you can find coupons for Babies R Us online.

  4. thanks ladies. i was looking at the breathable ones, but i thought they looked cheapy, but they have great reviews.

  5. Hey no bashing the wall letters ;)
    I LOVE those butterflies though! I've never seen anything like that where it's not stuck to the wall... you gave me an idea if I ever have another girl!

  6. right after i posted that cj was like "i bet you will piss a few readers off that already have the wall letters". ooooopsy. :)

    i still love you though mrs. f.

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