January 05, 2010

video: she laughs.

sorry for the crappy quality, we used our digital camera because i was afraid in the time it took me to run upstairs she would be a diva and stop laughing.

i don't know why cj panting makes her laugh, but it does. also, don't mind his creepy laugh in the middle either, i know he sounds like a creepo.

she's also found her hands if you didn't notice. :)



  1. She is adorable! We got a Flip Video for Christmas and it's awesome. I keep it close at hand to catch stuff my dog does. Can't wait to use it to capture baby giggles!

  2. Awwww, she has the cutest laugh i've ever heard. She is at such a fun age.

  3. She is TOO cute! I can't wait for these kinds of moments! So sweet!

  4. Hi there! I have silently followed your blog for a little while and just thought I would say say hello! Your little one is so adorable!
    Isn't that just the BEST sound in the whole world?! My four month old has just started cracking HERSELF up! She just sits in her swing and laughs away...it's too funny!