January 04, 2010

shred [day two].

So, i did the same workout [level 1] as last night and i plan to do each level [there are 3] for 7 to 9 days before i up the intensity.

when i woke up this morning i was like "dang girl, you must have a body of steel or sweating like a pig didn't do a damn thing", because my body felt completely fine. i chalked it up to not having the hand weights. as the day went on i started feeling the top part of my thighs gradually got more sore. by 8pm tonight when i decided it was day two time, my legs and arms were burning. i didn't care though, i cannot quit after one day, i'm not that damn weak. i popped in miss dog faces dvd and went to town [with my new hand weights!] and nearly died 12 minutes into it.... but i finished, just barely.

i'll update you tomorrow if cj has to push me around in a wheelchair.


  1. Hahah yes, it hit me like a ton of bricks not the next morning, but 2 mornings in. I couldn't get up the stairs all day at work. Good luck with day 2 - I really, really hope you finish the whole 30 days (because I totally didn't and could use some motivation).

  2. LOL I think I told you what happened the first time I did the 30-day shred. I'm about to start up again this week. God have mercy on my soul. Good for you, hon! And I think you look great, FYI.