April 13, 2010

picture frame bow hanging thingie.

every once in a blue moon, i like to craft. i used to do it all of the time, and i slowly hope to resurrect my old crafty self.

vegas has very little hair [i know, i'm sad about it too] but many bows. they were daintily sitting in a white porcelain flower shaped bowl collecting dust. so what does this lady do? i made a picture frame bow hanging thingie. dur.

totally just noticed vegas has a bow on her shirt in the picture, ironic?

so simple, i figured i would share.

what you need:
  • a rad picture frame.
  • an equally awesome picture.
  • ribbon
  • hot glue gun
thats totally all you need. i told you this was going to be simple.

1. put picture in the frame. [specific much?]
2. cut desired length of ribbon - you will need two pieces.
3. on the back of the frame add two dots of hot glue [about an inch apart] to one piece of ribbon and attach about 2 inches from the bottom. [if you are me, you will burn your finger, ouch.]
4. repeat step three for the second piece of ribbon.

i added a little something something on the bottom to keep the ribbon from curling, as it is in her bathroom as opposed to her bedroom. thanks mrs. priss for this ridiculously cute idea. she's my west coast bestie, btw.


  1. SUPER cute! I love the idea of using a picture frame, that duh, already hangs on the wall. That's what's kept me from making one of these things...not knowing what to use for the main hanging part.

    So smart, my east coast bestie is!