July 14, 2010

days [178 - 185]

[178] - 'i have teeth now, and i'm going to show you how i use them woman!'

[179] - 'obviously because i obeyed your request to clap after your mediocre jokes, i will be expecting a new outfit in return.'

[180] - if there was ever a picture where she looked like her dad, this is it. minus the polka dot romper of course.

[181] - dreaming of all the things her daddy will buy her.

[182] - 'clapping was fun the first 54 times you asked me to do it. noooooow, not so much.'

[183] - napping with my gammy, is my favorite pastime.

[184] - 'you mean i cannot sleep in between you and dad? i'm already dressed for the occasion.'

[185] - 'stop your damn singing dad, i'm trying to eat here!'


  1. She is too cute! She has a diva name for a diva baby :)

  2. Okay, I rarely leave comments on here but I do lurk religiously... this post cracked me up - you have the perfect quotes for her facial expressions... love it! :)