July 18, 2010

video[s] - teeth, no desire to crawl and moms home!

while i was at work the other day, cj decided to put our video camera to good use. i came home to six new videos. SIX. in an effort to not bore the crap out of everyone with my child's minutes of simply cheesing at the camera, here are the best three.

[the last one is the best in my opinion, but i may be biased.]

in this first video, miss vegas wants to show off her clapping skills along with flashing those two pearly whites.

in this video all i can say is my child is lazy, with a capital L. - i mean seriously, the child gives up around one minute into the video. even bribing her with electronics does nothing for this girl.

for obvious reasons this is my favorite video, and i promise you, cj does not sound like a creep in real life. i'm seriously surprised he didn't scare this crap out of v with that voice. enjoy.


  1. OMG, that last video is soooo adorable! She is just presh. Arranged marriage still in the works, right?

  2. What a cute little one. Her name is very unique... but in a good way!

  3. tylerswife - thanks :)

    Sals - DUR.

  4. oh my gosh, these are so cute!! That last one made me cry, I'm not even kidding (hormonal/ridiculous). she seems like such a sweet little thing, and cj is so good with her!! I WISH YOU LIVED HEEEEERE. Or us, there. :(

  5. The only thing we could afford in california was a tent in your yard, maybe you would be kind and let us shower at your house. :)

    You just wait, you'll have a cutie swooning over you (again!) Soon enough.

  6. CJ is so funny ya'll are the best parents in the world & you two have the cutest baby girl!The last video is priceless! I am so jealous I do not know this little girl.