July 26, 2010

days of vegas [186 - 192] and her cutest video to date.

[ 186] - this is the summer of mini skirts, even if you're a sweet babe.

[187] - craisins make me craaaaaazy!

[188] - finally, a decent tooth shot!

[189] - can't read my... can't read my... no he can't read my pirate faaaaace.

[190] - spirit fingers or jazz hands? you decide.

[191] - i make the rules at meal time.

[192] - tacos again mom? rawr.

and i now present you, my heart breaking because the word is "dada" that she is saying, but our pediatrician does agree that it take more brain cells to say "momma". you better get to using them quick girl!

watch that jaw go! ha. and excuse mr. maddox please, he's always an attention whore.


  1. love the pirate face and the video is so cute. she'll say mama soon enough :)

  2. Oh my gosh...cutest video ever! Love it.

  3. She is quite the talker!!!! So adorable!

  4. If you ever need a babysitter I could totally play dadadadada for a whole day.