August 08, 2010

days of vegas [193 - 200]

[193] - usb cord?! please and thank you!
[194] - yea, i'm never going to crawl, and that's that.
[195] - maybe if i hold my mouth juuuuuust like this, the nipple will levitate to it.
[196] - moms pretty sure this is not sanitary, that's why i do it!
[197] - painted toenails?! absolutely.
[198] - such a silly girl these days.
[199] - yes, its true. this is the same tutu i wore in my three month pictures. i am a petite priss for sure.
[200] - ballerina in training!


  1. She is adorable. My nephew wasn't crawling by 6 months, he just rolled everywhere...Haha. Eventually he crawled (awkwardly) then by 9 months he was walking!!! It's funny how they all get around so differently.

  2. Yay! I'd been waiting for pictures of Sully's cougar gurlfrend. She's beautiful!